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SEO Audit for Construction Businesses

Own a Construction Business and Looking for an SEO Audit?


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You may have heard of an ‘SEO Audit before’, and if you own a construction business someone may have mentioned ‘SEO Audit for Construction Businesses’. You may have even been told you need one for your business, but what on earth is an SEO Audit, and do you need one for your construction business?


In this short article, we will explain a little more about what an SEO audit is and whether you need one for your business, whether you are in construction, eCommerce, or another industry, we will explore it all!


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What is an SEO Audit?


In simple terms, an SEO audit is when an online marketing company, marketing expert or SEO consultant, takes look at your website and analyzes how well it is performing in terms of its visibility across the major search engines. 


As you may know, Google is the most popular search engine out there but other search engines like Yahoo and Bing are also used by people when searching for information, products, or services. 


Having an SEO audit conducted on your website will give you a deeper insight into how your website is performing and for what search terms [known as keywords] your website is being found for [and not being found for].


So if you have a construction business and you are looking to rank for ‘construction company near me, ‘best construction company London’, or any other keywords associated with the construction services you offer, then you need to have an SEO audit conducted on your website to better understand what you can then do to optimize your website to be found for these terms by your target audience. Being found for these construction-based keywords will mean that your site will then generate high quality leads for your business, and traffic that lands on your site through Google searches [otherwise known as organic traffic] converts better than any other type of traffic, including paid search traffic and social media traffic.


We will continue to discuss the benefits of an SEO audit for your construction business [or any other type of business you may have] in further detail, but if you are looking for some help with an SEO audit for your construction business then click HERE, and chat to one of our SEO experts and we will have an SEO audit completed for you, for FREE!


So what are the benefits of having an SEO audit conducted for your construction business or other online businesses you may own?

Benefits of an SEO Audit?


SEO Audit for construction


In order to optimize your website so that it is being found through Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo, you first need to understand how it is currently performing. 


Doing so allows SEO experts like us to understand what we then need to do to optimize your existing website to get it ranking in those top search engine result positions. 


Remember: the closer you are to the top of the Google, Bing or Yahoo search results page, the more traffic you will get and the more leads you will generate for your construction business, sales for your eCommerce enterprise, and generally more eyes on your brand!


In addition to an analysis of your website, a good SEO audit will also take a look at your major competitors in your industry or market to see how their websites are performing and what SEO strategies and techniques they are employing. 


So for example, let’s say you own a construction business in London and when someone searches for ‘best construction company’, your top competitor is being found. Yes, the horror!


Well, what we want to do, is take a look at their website and understand what they are doing well from an SEO perspective, and reverse engineer their strategy and employ certain elements ourselves! 


So when we conduct an SEO audit on your website we also conduct SEO audits on your top competitor sites so that we build a deeper understanding of exactly what we need to do to get your construction business [or other business] ranking at the top of Google, Bing or Yahoo search!


Here is a summary of the key benefits of having an SEO audit conducted:


  1. Better understand how well optimized your current website is
  2. Better understand how well your competitor’s websites are performing
  3. Define key actionables to better optimize your website
  4. Have a blueprint for building an SEO strategy and implementing it
  5. Better optimize your website for sales and leads


So, Who Needs an SEO Audit?


This article is slightly orientated around the construction industry and the importance of an SEO audit for construction businesses, but pretty much any business with a website can benefit from an SEO audit. Why? Well, the whole point of having a website is for it to be found so that you can generate leads, sales or promote your brand online, right? So what is the point of having a website if it isn’t being found, or even worse, your competitors are outranking you and taking all the business! 


So, in short, any business that wants to grow online and dominate their market should first start with an SEO audit, to understand how the site is performing and then what actions to take to get your site fully optimized and turned into a money-making machine!


SEO Audits for Construction Businesses


SEO Audit


As the main focus of this article has been on SEO audits particularly for the construction industry, let’s take a little deeper dive into the benefits of SEO audits for construction businesses and then how to use that audit to better optimize your website for generating high quality leads.


5 Benefits of SEO Audits for Construction Businesses



  1. Understanding of how your website currently ranks on Google
  2. Understanding of how your competitors currently rank on Google
  3. Gain actionable insights into what you need to do to outrank your competitors
  4. Achieve higher Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings
  5. Generate more sales and/or leads


What after a Construction Website Audit?


So you have had an audit complete, but what next? 


Well now is the time to define some clear actionables from the audit and implement them on your website. This may be creating new landing pages, creating new blog content, building on your backlink profile, working on your internal linking, improving your site loading speed, optimizing your site for mobile, working on the conversion rate optimization, the list goes on! 


You see, that’s why an SEO audit either for your construction business or another business you may own, is so important! As there are so many things that can be worked on, but first we need to understand the most important aspects are, and prioritize them. 


We want the audit to identify what we can call, ‘the low hanging fruit or ‘the quick wins’ and start working on them straight away. This way you will achieve a quicker ROI on your initial SEO investment and then have more to spend on your SEO month on month, so that you can scale your online business fast and effectively.


Remember: SEO is the most powerful marketing channel there is, period. In terms of ROI, it blows social media advertising and Google Ads out of the water!

In Conclusion


Whether you own a construction business or another online business, an SEO audit is always the starting point for any business looking to grow online and turn their websites into high-quality lead generation or sales machines.


We hope that you found this article of value and if you would like a free audit and free 1-hour consultation with one of our SEO consultants, click here, or fill out the form below and we will get to work!


Remember: SEO Isn’t Rocket Science, it’s Ranking Science!

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