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freelance seo consultant in the UK


So you are looking for a freelance SEO consultant based in the UK to help increase your website’s visibility, outrank your competitors and grow your online sales? Yes we know, it can be hard!


We have been in the SEO game for over 10 years, and with a combined industry experience of over 46 years, 4 industry awards, hundreds of happy clients, and over 11,000k Google #1 rankings,  we know our stuff! 


Here at the Digital Guruz, we like to feel like we are a globally based digitally centralized team of SEO freelancers fueled on cups of tea because that’s basically who we are! 


The Guruz brings together the best talent from around the world globally, we don’t just restrict ourselves to employing John down the road with a bachelor’s in computer science!


But what exactly is a freelance consultant? Let us tell you a little more!


What is a Freelance Consultant?


A freelance SEO consultant is someone who knows about SEO and advises businesses on how better to optimize their websites for better visibility across the major search engines and turn that visibility into traffic and leads or sales. 


Generally, a freelance SEO consultant will have a number of years of industry hands-on experience and possibly even a degree in marketing. But for us, what really sets our SEO consultants apart is their passion for the discipline and constant vigilance in staying knowledgable and up to date on all of the most important SEO developments. 


Google is always updating and sophisticating its algorithms, and it is KEY we stay on top of that so that our well-loved clients stay at the top of Google!


Who Generally Works with Freelance UK Based Consultants?


freelance SEO consultant


Any business owner or business with a website may choose to work with a UK-based SEO expert, UK SEO specialist or a digital marketing consultant. In this day and age, the reality is, that it doesn’t really matter where your SEO consultant is based, but it’s more important that the consultation you receive is top quality and actually helps you achieve your online goals. 


But, what would we say are the most important aspects when choosing a freelance SEO consultant? 




  1. They speak the same language as you
  2. They have 5 years+ industry experience
  3. They can demonstrate they know their stuff through case studies and data
  4. You feel like they are honest and trustworthy
  5. You like them!


It’s not the easiest thing to find the right consultants for your business, especially in the SEO world where your knowledge of the subject may be slightly lacking. So we recommend that you ‘shop around’ and speak with a few different consultants and agencies, and once you feel comfortable with the right freelancer or team of freelancers, give them a go!


We are always happy to hear from passionate business owners, so if you would like to speak with one of our freelance SEO consultants in the UK, click HERE, and let’s discuss some ideas over a cup of tea [or coffee!].


Why Work with a UK-Based Freelancer vs. a USA-Based Freelancer?


Well, we can’t really help you answer this one! You searched ‘Freelance SEO Consultant UK’ for a reason, right? So we can only guess that:


  1. You are looking to expand your business into UK markets
  2. You feel like your budget will go further working with a more reasonably priced UK SEO consultant
  3. You like tea, like we do
  4. You admire the British spirit and generally get on well with Brits!


Are we close? 


Either way, we know that you will get on well with any of our freelance SEO consultants so we encourage you to drop us an email or give us a call. By the way, we don’t just offer SEO consultancy services, but we also offer full SEO implementation, which means once we have identified what you need to do to get your website better optimized, we will help you do it! We do everything covering content creation, content optimization, link building, technical SEO, UX website design, and conversion rate optimization.


Expert SEO UK | How Can we help you here at the Digital Guruz?


Alongside our award-winning SEO consultancy services we also offer full SEO implementation, this means we can not only tell you how to be successful online, but we can help you get there.


In fact, we offer full-service SEO solutions which mean we do absolutely everything that needs to be done to get your website optimized and sales rolling in. You can check out our packages here and if you are interested in learning more, just drop us an email or click HERE and fill out your details.



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