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Are you a Blackpool-based business looking to increase your website’s visibility to drive more organic traffic and more leads and sales online? Well, if you are, you are reading the right article!


You may be looking for an SEO expert based in Blackpool and a Blackpool-based SEO consultant or an SEO company based in Blackpool to help your site be found for the keywords you want to be found for, to make more money online! If that’s you, read on!


In this article, we will go over the key concepts behind SEO and what to expect when you start when engaging with SEO services and starting to optimise your website to rank on the top search engines. 


So whether you are a Blackpool-based business or based elsewhere in the UK, read on, and learn more about SEO and mastering your online market!


But let’s first start with a brief history of Blackpool and outline the most important industries and businesses in Blackpool in 2022 and beyond!


A Brief History of Blackpool


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Blackpool’s earliest main holiday thoroughfares ran from North Station to the North Pier and promenade.


A municipal borough was created in 1876 when Blackpool received its Charter of Incorporation. William Cocker became the first mayor.


The promenade was extended north and south early in the 20th century, and the illuminations began in 1912. A zoo was built, as was a zoo in Stanley Park.


It was the center of the world’s first industrial revolution and the massive population explosion that followed that led to a huge number of visitors to Blackpool. “Wakes Week” holidaymakers arrived from the mills and mines of Lancashire and Yorkshire along with the Scottish ship, mine and steelworkers traveling primarily by rail for their annual week or fortnight off. Every weekend, hundreds of special trains traveled into the town.


In a town of 145,000, it was a challenge to construct an infrastructure that could accommodate more than 100,000 additional people sleeping and eating regularly.


Day-trippers have dominated the holiday trade since the late 20th and early 21st centuries. In addition to the infrastructure built for the boom years, thousands of accommodation beds are still present, but mainly in main buildings like the Winter Gardens and Tower, where new bars and clubs have been added. The Pleasure Beach and the Piers continue to make significant investments. In addition, new trams have been successfully introduced and the promenade has been reconstructed with headlands. With the support of the Blackpool Civic Trust since 1976, Blackpool is repositioning itself for the 21st Century.


So what are the top industries in Blackpool and how do you fit in?


Top Industries in Blackpool?



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Although Blackpool is home to a large number of small businesses and self-employed individuals, it also has some large employers. The government-owned National Savings and Investments, as well as the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment, ERNIE, which picked the Premium Bond numbers, were both located at Marton until 2017. 


Further up the Fylde coast, there are government agencies based at Warbreck and Norcross. A number of companies produce biscuits and confectionary products, including Burton’s Biscuit Company, Tangerine Confectionery, Klarius UK, Victrex and Glasdon Group, which manufactures plastic products like litter bins, park benches and reflective road signs.


Bispham was TVR’s former factory for sports cars. In addition to Swallow Sidecar Company, which was the forerunner of Jaguar, Blackpool was also home to Jaguar Cars.


Blackpool is among the top three cities for rental yields according to HSBC’s 2015 research. Real estate investors are attracted to the numerous urban regeneration projects, the affordable property prices, and the high rental yields in this part of the UK.


The main shopping streets in Blackpool are Church Street, Victoria Street, Birley Street, Market Street, Corporation Street, Bank Hey Street, Abingdon Street, and Talbot Road. There is currently one shopping centre within the town, Houndshill Shopping Centre.


And let’s face it more and more business owners and entrepreneurs like you are now contributing to the economy and local GDP through e-commerce enterprises and online services.


So now we have reviewed the top industries and trades in Blackpool let’s explore in a little more detail, exactly what is SEO and why is it important for Blackpool-based businesses like yours!


What is SEO and Why is it important?


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SEO stands for search engine optimisation and in a nutshell, it is the art of optimising websites so that they are found through the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and of course Google!


There is a wealth of information online about SEO and website optimisation, so if you are looking to delve deeper into this topic we can highly recommend this article by MOZ, which will tell you everything you need to know about SEO and optimising your website for search engines. 


But what are the main benefits of optimising your website and why is it important for your Blackpool-based business to be found through search engines?


SEO is Absolutely Crucial


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Quite frankly, we are glad you are reading this article. Why? Well, here at The Digital Guruz we truly believe in the power of SEO and how crucial it is for online success. Being found through the major search engines is essential if you want to promote your products or services online and start making, or keep growing your online sales. 


Pretty much all online searches start on Yahoo, Bing or Google [and the vast majority through Google] and this means that your target market are looking for your product or services and looking for them through search engines. 


So if you are not being found, you are losing out on massive amounts of business and money. 


It always amazes us here at The Digital Guruz how many businesses build a website and spend thousands of pounds or dollars on making it look pretty, but spend absolutely ZERO on their SEO. 


So what they end up with is an amazing-looking site but with no one finding it! From a business perspective, totally pointless!


So investing in your SEO is absolutely crucial, and it is the difference between online success and online failure.


Why is SEO important for your Blackpool-based business?


So you are a business owner based in Blackpool and you are looking to be found through Google. Simply put, SEO is the most powerful marketing channel there is, and blows comparable marketing channels like Google ads and social media marketing out of the water especially when it comes to ROI!


Yes, SEO takes time, and you won’t suddenly start ranking on Google overnight, but once you are ranking in those top 3 positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing, then your business will in the position of driving high-quality organic traffic and generating regular predictable sales and leads.


So whether you are plumber-based in Blackpool looking for more clients for your plumbing business or you are running a national-based eCommerce enterprise, SEO is crucial for online success.


By the way, you may also be interested in our Web Design Services in Blackpool


Is SEO Right for my Blackpool-based business?


SEO is right for pretty much 99% of businesses. Who are the 1% I hear you ask? Well, businesses that don’t operate online, which let’s face it, is not many businesses! 


So if you are an online business and are looking to make more sales and make more money, then SEO is 100% for you.


Investing in the optimization of your website is investing in your online business for the future. SEO takes time, but once you are being found through Google, then you can reap the rewards for years to come. 


When someone searches for the products or services you sell and find you, this is so powerful, as not only is the trust they have with Google is passed on to you, but you get people landing on your website who are ready to buy! 


Organic traffic converts so much higher than other types of traffic, for example, social media traffic and Google Ads traffic. That is because of the search intent, when people are searching for something on a search engine they are often in the position where they are ready to spend their cash, so take advantage of that, and get your business in front of them!


Local, National or Global?


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What you need to decide is whether you are looking to rank locally, nationally or globally, and this will pretty much depend on where your target market is and what your business is. 


If your example you are an electrician based in Blackpool, then you want to focus on local SEO, as your client base will be all local. If however you are a Blackpool-based business but sell products across the whole of the UK, you will want to focus on a national SEO campaign, as you are not restricted to making sales just in the Blackpool area. 


Many businesses as well, of course, sell their products and services globally, and if that is the case then you will want to take a broader focus on your SEO efforts and build a strategy that will allow you to target keywords, not just in UK, but across Europe, The USA, Canada, and Australia. 


You may even need to think about building out content in multiple languages to target those countries where English isn’t the first language. 


In Conclusion


We highly recommend starting to invest in your SEO today, if you are serious about growing your Blackpool-based business online and dominating your market.


If you Google ‘SEO Services in Blackpool’ you will find The Digital Guruz, which tells you that we know what we are doing when it comes to SEO. 


We can get your business ranking on page 1 of Google like we have got ours ranking there, so email us, call us, or Whatsapp us today and let’s get your SEO journey underway!


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SEO Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Ranking Science!


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